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Quiet Your 


Quiet Your Mind

Put into Practice:

This week the practice is to spend 5 minutes in silence and solitude a day.

  •  The goal is to quiet our mind to “be still and know that I am God” - Psalm 46:10

    • Remove distractions - put your phone on silent mode and where it won’t distract you. Set an alarm for 5 min.

    • Focusing on your breathing can help calm your mind.

With a friend:

What from the lesson stuck out to you?

  • How has your prayer life been this past week?

Read Psalm 5 & 46

  • God calls his people to be still before Him. This can mean being still physically and mentally.

  • We see a beautiful example of David trusting that God heard Him and then waiting and listening expectantly for God to respond.

How often do you check your phone during your quiet time? 

  • Why do you think you do that?

  • Whats a simple thing you could do to stay more focused during your times with God?

How often do you quiet your mind and listen during your times with God?

  • How has that been helpful/why do you think that would be helpful?

Spend 20 min quieting your mind and being still together

First 10 min

  • Silently meditate on Matthew 6:5-8

    • Ways to meditate - read it again and again, slowly go word by word​ and ask what does this mean? why did Jesus use that word? What was the point? How does it apply to me?

  • Share your experience with one another.

Second 10 min

  • ​Silently quiet your mind and listen for God. Try to not think about anything

    • Focusing on your breathing helps

  • Share your experience with one another

Family Group:

What are some of your biggest distractions in life?

  • Important to identify our distractions because they can be the biggest things that take our focus off of God.

Read Matthew 6:5-6

  • Jesus calls His disciples to remove themselves from distractions. To get away from the approval of man and to go to a place of silence and solitude to spend time with God.

  • Why do you think Jesus calls His disciples to do that?

    • God wants to spend alone time with us. Just like on a date God, wants to spend personal undistracted time with us because He loves us.​

  • What makes it hard for you to go to a place of silence and solitude and to focus solely on God?

    • How do you think it would help you to spend more focused time with God?​

There is nothing else greater in this universe than God. And even though He has literally a billion people to think about, He wants to spend personal time with each one of us. Lets not take that for granted. Spend focused alone time with God this week. It's called a quiet time for a reason. Get away from the noise and people and focus on God.

Close out in prayer

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